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Dr. Strange

Took a break tonight to go see Dr. Strange. That was really fun. Beautiful visual effects, and the whole mood and feel of the movie. I liked the casting, and Cumberbatch makes a sharp sorcerer. But my favorite character was the cloak. ;-)
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New figure skating anime

This fall I'm pretty excited about a new figure skating anime, called Yuri!!! on Ice. The first episode is out, and it has just gorgeous figure skating. They actually hired skating choreographers to design the routines, and the animation is so pretty. The plot revolves around a struggling Japanese figure skater overcoming obstacles to become great. Here is a video of the opening for the anime.
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Saw Kubo and the Two Strings yesterday.  A nice story and beautifully done.  The imagery and animation were a pleasure to watch.  Plus, shamisen as a weapon of magic and storytelling just rocks.

Zero Time Dilemma

I just finished the third and final installment in the Zero Escape videogame/visual novel series, Zero Time Dilemma. The series combines tricky and complicated storytelling, dark mystery/suspence, puzzle solving, and engaging characters. The games also appeal to my inner nerd by discussing and using in the story various philosophical ideas and paradoxes. Each of the games takes advantage of the interactivity of the medium in interesting ways, but i won't say more so as not to spoil anything.

Of the three games, I think the second one (Virtue's Last Reward) is my favorite, it was absolutely mindblowing. The first game (9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors) was good, with a spooky and interesting setting and story, some neat plot twists, and multiple endings. I won't get into any spoilers though. But with the second game, both the scope of the story, and the gameplay went to the next level. It ended on a cliff hanger, and the third game definitely delivered on answering all the outstanding questions and filling in the missing pieces of the story. Actually, the third game almost didn't get made, but apparently it got the green light in part due to fan response. And I wish it didn't end quite so abruptly and gave a bit more denouement to all the various characters. But it was satisfying, and quite fun to play through, even if darker and more gory than the previous games. The voice actors were very good especially in the third game - I mean the Japanese ones, of course. Now, having gone through the final game, I kind of want to replay the previous ones again...

I'm curious what the author of these games will do next. I've read through an older visual novel (Ever 17) he'd made and it was trippy and neat if less smooth in execution, and i have another one sitting waiting for me to play through (Remember 11, in Japanese, if my PSP still works).

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Hahaha, I'd post something, but in my spare time I've been too busy enjoying an awesome videogame. I'll probably write something about it when I finish it. After some recovery period from having my mind blown. ^_^

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Wow, my last post here was from 2009... I wonder who is still around and using lj. I might come back here and post once in a while. Is anybody listening?
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bike maintenance

I have two bikes that have been sitting in basements for several years, and i would like to get them back into usable shape. any pointers for where/to whom i could take them to get tune up/overhawl?
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